The Dark Moon – 24 May 2017

As I reflect on my dark moon — the void, and my ritual, the beginning of my Moon Lodges. I am happy.  I’ve entered into a new phase in every respect.  I’m exploring femininity beyond my scope of knowledge and experience.  It is so much an adventure.  The ritual was the most centering way to begin. It marked the acceptance of my shadow side, my dark side.  That embrace is like finally hugging the unruly part of myself — the one that I  couldn’t face.

I look forward to meeting many more aspects, more lost soul parts. Their presence relaxes my heart.  I look forward to meeting the other members of this lodge and other aspects of myself.   Spirit is… All the time.


in GEMINI brings us
the lesson of self-reflection
through the myriad mirrors
of external forms.

She teaches us to trust
our internal channels of
communication and guidance
more than any external
sources of information.

GEMINI says honor your knowing,
learn from your mirrored reflections
and create new pathways
by thinking new thoughts
arising from within.

Blessings and all my love!